Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Cries About the Referees to Gisele on Twitter

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SJ - February 8, 2021

What a sad thing to watch...

Sore losers are the absolute worst.  Patrick Mahomes' mom Randi is without a doubt a huge sore loser.  Remember she was upset with Trump's loss too.

Randi joined in with Mahomes' fiancee Brittany Matthews and Travis Kelce's girlfriend Kayla Nicole in crying about the referees.

Momma Mahomes took it too far when she cried about the referees to Gisele on Twitter.  What a loser move.

Like the absolute queen of the NFL that she is, Gisele didn't respond to the peasant's sore loser tweet.  If Randi wanted to complain about something she should have complained about how poorly the Chiefs offensive line played.

Bow to the NFL queen below:


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