Patrick Reed Facing Cheating Accusations After He Moved a Ball Before an Official Could Check It

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SJ - January 31, 2021

Patrick Reed found himself at the center of a controversy on Saturday at the Farmers Insurance Open.  He moved a golf ball before an official had a chance to check to see if it had been embedded in the ground.

To make matters worse the claim was also made that the ball never bounced before becoming "embedded."  The video shows Reed's ball clearly bounced and likely wasn't embedded in the ground.

Golf nerds are extremely unhappy with Reed's latest controversy and are accusing him of cheating for moving the ball before the official was able to observe it.

This isn't the first time Reed has found himself at odds with golf nerds and if I had to guess it won't be the last time either.  If you're not cheating, you're not trying right?


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