Paul George’s Girlfriend and Damian Lillard’s Sister Exchange Insults on Instagram After the Two Stars Went After Each Other

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SJ - August 10, 2020

Life in the NBA's Disney Bubble isn't as easy as you might think and players are starting to take out their frustrations on one another.  At the end of the Clipper 122-117 win over the Blazers on Saturday, Portland's Damian Lillard missed a couple of free throws that would have won the game.

Lillard's choke job was very entertaining to the Clippers.

The two sides made a few comments during their postgame interviews and mixed things up in the comment section on Instagram after that.

Somehow things escalated from there with Lillard's sister hurling insults at Paul George's girlfriend.  George's girlfriend responded by calling Lillard's sister a cow.

It's petty, it's childish, it's perfect and I love everything about it.  It looks like the lack of sex in the bubble is starting to get to players.  Players around the league are starting to let those frustrations out.

Just imagine where we'll be in a few more weeks.  Pure chaos and pure entertainment.