Paulina Gretzky Celebrates Being “Home Sweet Home” With a Bikini Pic

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SJ - June 26, 2020

Paulina Gretzky was really happy to be back in Florida on Thursday.  She celebrated with a "Home Sweet Home" bikini pic in her Instagram Story, like any mother of two would these days.

I don't have any background information on where Paulina was before returning to Florida and nobody reading this really cares.  You're here, as am I, for the bikini pic.

So here it is:

Incredible, I know.

Golf wives and girlfriends, much like soccer WAGs are the best thing about the sport.  Paulina with her last name stands on her own, but she is of course the girlfriend of and mother to golfer Dustin Johnson's two children.

Whenever she's feeling a little bored she seems to pop in and drop a look at how her bikini body is holding up.  As you can see it's doing just fine.