Playboy Model Daisy Jean Calls Out Tristan Thompson for Throwing a Party During a Pandemic

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SJ - August 25, 2020

Playboy model Daisy Jean wasn't happy with her neighbor for throwing a party over the weekend.  She took to social media to call out Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson for throwing a loud party during a pandemic.

Daisy's initial post called out a "Kardashian baby daddy" before she made it crystal clear which Kardashian baby daddy she was talking about.  She shared a picture of Khloe's baby daddy with their daughter True.

Shaming Thompson on social media seems about as far as Daisy Jean took things.  It doesn't sound like she reported him to have his power and water shutoff, which is a thing in California.

Things are getting crazy out there people.  Folks calling out their neighbors for living their lives seems absolutely insane to me.