Rachel Bush Drops Her Underboob on the Gram

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SJ - July 16, 2020

Rachel Bush is on a seemingly unending hot streak on Instagram.  She just dropped a video and snap of herself in barely there bikini bottoms with a tiny shirt that features her underboob.

Bush is keeping her followers thoroughly entertained, as she and the rest of us keep our fingers crossed that there will be a full NFL season this year.  It already doesn't look right now that she'll be able to watch her husband, Jordan Poyer, in person.

But don't be too saddened by that.  Instead focus on what's in front of us right now and that's some great content provided by Rachel Bush.  We'll cross the NFL season bridge when we get there.

Rachel Bush is truly in a class of her own when it comes to content from the wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete.  There are some who try, and I applaud their effort, but they haven't quite reached her level.  Not yet.

She knows those competition out there.  That's why her game is so strong.


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