Raiders CB Trayvon Mullen Collapsed After Using His Head to Make a Hit

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SJ - November 15, 2020

Raiders cornerback Trayvon Mullen collapsed during Sunday's game against the Broncos moments after he used his head to hit Denver tight end Noah Fant.  He was unsteady on his feet for a couple of steps before dropping to the turf.

As you can clearly see Mullen drops his head and leads with his helmet to make the play.  There's a pretty easy way to avoid these a lot of these kinds of situations.  Stop using your head to make hits.

The shoulder works much better and it doesn't have a brain in it.  See what you're hitting and lead with your shoulder.  It's not fucking rocket science.

And even when you do everything right sometimes you're still going to take a big time shot to the head.  It's tackle football, there's going to be some violence.