Raiders Could Attempt a Three-Team Trade for Deshaun Watson

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SJ - February 3, 2021

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is coming off of a solid season, but that hasn't silenced trade rumors.  His play this season has only added fuel to the rumors with multiple teams looking for a proven quarterback.

This increased interest in Carr could lead Las Vegas to attempt a three-team blockbuster trade.  They would move Carr in order to land Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

From Las Vegas Review-Journal:

But there is a flip side to the season Carr just produced. Increased demand for his services, insiders say, could create a scenario in which a three-team trade allows the Raiders to acquire Watson.

For that to happen, the Raiders would have to receive two first-round picks for Carr from a team other than the Texans, which they would then package with their own first-rounders in 2021 and 2022 to present a compelling offer of four first-round picks to the Texans for Watson, who has reportedly asked be traded.

There's no doubt going to be another blockbuster trade or two.  The only questions are will Watson be moved and which team will land him?

If the Texans trade Watson they have to send him to an NFC team right?


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