Rams Head Coach Sean McVay Doesn’t Seem to Be Too Concerned About the Upcoming Season

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SJ - July 20, 2020

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay says he is "skeptical" about NFL training camps starting on time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

McVay might be skeptical, but he doesn't appear to be too worried about it.  He spent the weekend cozied up to his fiancee Veronika Khomyn next to the pool.

I can't say that I blame him.  Whether or not training camp starts on time won't ruin his weekends by the pool with his fiancee.

I certainly don't care if training camp starts on time as long as we have an NFL season.  Pre-season games are already off the table.

So if delaying training camps by a few days helps us have a season, I'm all for it.

And I'm all for McVay enjoying his fiancee's company as well.  Good for him.


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