Real Madrid Star’s Girlfriend Spills on Their “Competitive” Sex Life

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SJ - June 3, 2020

Girlfriends could reveal a whole lot worse...

The life of a soccer player, I'm learning, isn't all that bad.  You get great exercise, you don't have the pressure of scoring during matches, you get a ton of money and you land some of the hottest women in the world.

Real Madrid star midfielder Isco is one of the soccer players living the dream.  According to his girlfriend, Sara Salamo, they have a very "competitive" sex life.

Salamo spilled on the couple's sex life during a visit on the Spanish TV show "La Resistencia."  Apparently they try to have at least once a day.

From Marca:

"He and I didn't want to come on the show here until we could say that we did it once a day," she explained."

But then my book happened and we couldn't quite get there.

"We've had a lot of work and we've had the kids.

"But we're very competitive."

I've never been into soccer, but the more I read about soccer players the more I'm rethinking everything I know.  It's heartwarming stories like this one that really bring it home for me.

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