San Jose Sharks Captain Logan Couture Says He Was Sucker Punched for Showing Support for Trump

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SJ - August 26, 2020

San Jose Sharks captain Logan Couture revealed on Wednesday morning that he was sucker punched last night in Toronto.  The reason, showing support for the Republican Party and mentioning President Donald Trump's name.

Couture, who is Canadian and can't vote in the November election, expressed concern for not being able to freely express his opinions without the fear of being met with violence.

He says he was specifically punched for saying that he would vote Republican if he could and mentioning that his father was a police officer.

Going around sucker punching people for their opinions could come back to bite you.  Imagine sucker punching a professional hockey player.

It sounds like whoever sucker punched Couture got lucky.  I highly doubt there are very many hockey players who wouldn't put you in the hospital for sucker punching them.