Sean McVay Spent His 35th Birthday Poolside With His Fiancee Veronika Khomyn

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SJ - January 26, 2021

Rams head coach Sean McVay spent his Sunday the same way you did.  He chilled out and watched the Conference Championship games.

Okay, he didn't spend it exactly the same way you did.  I mean for starters you're not engaged to the smoking hot Veronika Khomyn and chances are you're not filthy rich either.

McVay spent the day, which happened to be his 35th birthday, watching the games poolside with his smoking hot fiancee.  You know, living a way better life than you are.

Despite being at home watching the games on Championship Sunday, McVay still has plenty to smile about.  Added to that list is the Buccaneers doing what the Rams couldn't by defeating the overrated Packers.


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