Texas High School Football Player Earned a Police Escort by Tackling a Referee

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SJ - December 4, 2020

Senior high school football player Emmanuel Duron went viral on Thursday night after he lost his damn mind.  The defensive tackle was ejected from the game for a late hit and an unsportsmanlike penalty.

Duron wasn't happy with the ejection and immediately ran onto the field to tackle the referee.  The hit earned him a police escort out of the stadium while the referee was being attended to by medical personnel.

People were not happy that something violent took place on a football field.  They don't want the kid to ever play football again.

Should he be punished for losing his mind?  Absolutely.  Should he be allowed to play football again?  Absolutely.

It's ridiculous to think the punishment here is for a high school kid is to never step on a football field again.  If he has offers to play in college then he should play in college.  It's time to cancel the soft ass cancel culture.