The Internet Mocked Aaron Rodgers for His Dumbass Handlebar Mustache

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SJ - August 16, 2020

How's that for a clickbait title, Aaron?  It's almost like snapping the ball while the defense is substituting or drawing them offsides for a free play.

You wouldn't know anything about that would you?  That's what I thought.  Now on to your dumbass mustache.

The internet (mostly Twitter) is mocking Rodgers for showing up to the Packers' first practice this weekend with a ridiculous handlebar mustache.

We get it, you're an asshole.  From BroBible:

These aren't people you ever want to be compared to.

I'd spend a little more time looking over my shoulder if I was him and less time staring at myself in the mirror.  Jordan Love is there to replace you and it's only a matter of time before he does.

Trading in Danica for a young actress isn't going to turn back your clock any.  It was worth the effort, but sadly it's not going to work.