There Was a Live Major League Baseball Game on TV Last Night

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SJ - July 19, 2020

While ESPN was still trying to force soccer down our throats on Saturday night, there was a live Major League Baseball game on ESPN2.  Sure it was a summer camp, or whatever they're calling the restart of Spring Training, but it was one of the four major sports on TV.

That's a great sign as the regular season is gearing up to start later this week.  It took place in an empty Citi Field between the Yankees and the Mets, there was pumped in crowd noise and cardboard cutouts, but again it was an MLB game live on TV.

I can't tell you how good it was to have a live sporting event (from one of the major four sports) on TV.

Was the crowd noise and the cardboard cutouts a little weird?  Yes.  Are we going to miss some of the things that take place in the stands?  Yes.

But this is step one to people back in the stands.  I can't wait.  It's been too long without sports.


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