Things Got Weird During an Interview With Urban Meyer When a Shirtless Man Walked Into the Room

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SJ - August 12, 2020

FOX Sports and Big Ten Network analyst Urban Meyer had a live interview interrupted when a shirtless man walked into the room.  The man could be seen on TV thanks to the fact that the former College Football head coach was sitting in front of a mirror.

To make the interview a little more weird, Meyer tried to get the shirtless man to leave the room by waving his arm wildly and mouthing "go" several times.  Apparently the shirtless man didn't realize that he could be seen in the mirror.

I've got a lot of questions here.  On the top of the list is, who is the shirtless man?  What is he doing there?  And does he normally walk into a room where Urban is talking to himself?

You think Urban would have informed the people around him that he was going to be doing an interview on TV.