TikTok User Claims an NBA Player Paid $7,000 for Her to Get into the NBA Bubble

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SJ - September 24, 2020

TikTok user hannmaile shared a video of herself inside the Disney's NBA Bubble.  According to her, an NBA player paid $7,000 to fly her out to Orlando.

In the video she shows off her room, which includes an NBA memo laying out bubble guidelines.  She claims she's quarantining there before going into the bubble.


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There are some legitimate questions being raised on the internet about her claims.  In the video she says she's staying at the Grand Floridian.  The Grand Floridian opened up to the public earlier this week.

That doesn't necessarily discount her claim, it's still possible she was flown out to make her way into the bubble.  We'll have to wait and see if she makes the "Daddy Gang" happy or not...

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