Torrie Wilson is Tired of Watering Down Her Sexy Side

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SJ - February 11, 2021

Torrie Wilson is fresh off of a surprise return to the WWE and she's letting everyone know that she's tired of watering down her sexy side.  In an incredibly sexy Instagram post the 45-year-old had this to say:

For whatever reason I feel pressure to subdue the “sexy” part of me as I get older & that side feels so awesome & freee! Ladies, please promise me you won’t let life water down your sexy side. There are NO RULES, no size or gender regulations...just the simple requirement of confidence, letting go, and appreciating where you are NOW.


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I don't think anyone would disagree with Torrie at all.  Let that sexy side out!  It's clear to anyone that has seen this picture that she still has plenty of sexy left in the tank.


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