Trevor Lawrence and His Fiancee Had a Christmas Party

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SJ - December 11, 2020

Trevor Lawrence and his fiancee Marissa Mowry had an epic hair battle at a Christmas party they held at their house this week.  The Clemson quarterback has already had COVID-19 so he's not putting their season at risk by having the small gathering.

I'm sure that's not going to matter to some.  In fact, Trevor would probably be kicked out of his conference if he pulled this move on a Big Ten or Pac-12 team.

Luckily he's in the ACC where they know there's almost no risk to any of the athletes who test positive.  Back to the hair battle.

Marissa's going to have to make Trevor cut his hair before the wedding.  If not his luscious locks are going to steal the show.  You don't want to be overshadowed by anyone on your big day.