Two Beach Volleyball Stars Boycott Qatar Tournament Over Bikini Ban

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SJ - February 23, 2021

German beach volleyball stars Karla Borger and Julia Sude have decided to boycott the Qatar tournament in March due to the country's ban on bikinis.

The two members of the German national team have been asked to wear shirts and long pants instead of bikinis.

From TMZ Sports:

The two were set to play in an FIVB World Tour event in Qatar in March -- where the weather is expected to be a searing 85 degrees -- but they're bailing over the uniform policy for women in the Muslim country.

According to reports, female volleyball players have been asked to wear shirts and long pants instead of bikinis out of respect for the host country.

The Qatar Volleyball Association is making it seem like it's more of a request than a rule. It's also issued a statement saying athletes are allowed to compete in their international uniforms ... which are basically less-skimpy bikinis.

This is a start.  I think pulling the whole tournament from Qatar and other countries that don't allow bikinis to be worn would make more of a statement.


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