Tyler Herro Has Braids Now!

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SJ - November 2, 2020

Why not?  Tyler Herro showed off his new braids with girlfriend Katya Elise Henry over the Halloween weekend.

The two appear to be enjoying their off-season so far.  They went from the Finals to a vacation in Turks & Caicos to celebrating Halloween.

It's been quite the ride for the rookie.  Check out braided Herro and Katya living it up.

Now I can't mention Herro's braids without mentioning Katya's look.  I mean her ass is hanging out after all.

Tyler is proving that in addition to being a bucket, he's a star in the making.  This is year one for him after all.

Imagine all of the on and off the court success he has ahead of him.  Grab the popcorn and enjoy.