Tyson Fury’s Wife Paris Hits the Heavy Bag in UFC Gloves

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SJ - November 24, 2020

Paris Fury, the wife of heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, put on an impressive show with a heavy bag and a pair of UFC gloves on Tuesday.  The mother of five proved that she's in incredible shape.

This wasn't the first time Paris joined her husband for a workout.  The two have spent a lot of time working out during the pandemic.  Fury has quickly learned that his wife can outwork him now.

From The Sun:

Paris and Tyson worked out together regularly during the first lockdown earlier this year, where the mother-of-five kept up with her husband's gruelling 700 ab reps.

Tyson later claimed that Paris could outwork his boxing rivals as he lauded her fitness during their sessions.

He said: "She is fitter than me, outdoing me now, I have created a monster.”

Before adding: "You're fit, you're fit as a fiddle. Honestly, you'd outwork a lot of boxers, she would outwork a lot of boxers.


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No doubt about it Paris is in phenomenal shape.  But she's going to have to step up her striking game if she has any hopes of stepping inside the octagon.

She's obviously not going to be stepping in the octagon and why would she?  Tyson's made plenty of money for them to live comfortably on.