UFC Fighter Yancy Medeiros Was Having Sex in His Living Room When USADA Came Knocking

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SJ - November 16, 2020

UFC fighter Yancy Medeiros says an official from USADA showed up at his house around 8 p.m. on Saturday night while he was having sex.  They didn't just interrupt him in the act, they likely heard it.

That's because the welterweight was having sex in his living room when they came knocking.  Yancy certainly thinks the tester heard everything going down.

Imagine hearing people having sex and knocking on the door anyway.  The piss collector could have walked back to his car and waited for a few minutes.  He could have taken care of his own business before returning.

He didn't and it sounds to me like someone was hoping to get in on the action.  What other reason is there to knock?  I mean ejaculating doesn't rid the body of PEDs does it?