Von Miller’s Ex-Fiancee Called Him Out for Allegedly Praying for Her to Have a Miscarriage

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SJ - January 5, 2021

Von Miller and Megan Denise's relationship has apparently come to an end.  Now the Broncos star's ex-fiancee is calling him out for allegedly praying for her to have a miscarriage.

Megan provided plenty of receipts in the form of text message exchanges with the Broncos star.  In addition to allegedly praying for her to miscarry the couple's child, he appears to claim that she got pregnant in an attempt to keep him.

Von being on vacation in Cabo with his new girlfriend appears to have sparked his pregnant ex to reveal his alleged text messages.

From Real NFL Tea:

YIKES!!! #VonMiller is posted up on vacation in Cabo with his new boo and his ex #MeganDenise is apparently not here for it as she has taken to her Instagram story to reveal that she is pregnant and that Von allegedly is hoping she has miscarriage
Whew chile, I hope they can come to an amicable resolution for the sake of their child because this is NOT it hunny. Let’s do better in 2021‍♀

You have to be very careful with the texting and the DMs.  Especially if you're famous or an athlete.  You never know when an angry ex will pull them out and try to ruin your vacation.