Western Michigan Executed a Fake Spike for a Game Winning Touchdown

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SJ - November 12, 2020

There's nothing like a little mid-week MACtion to help get you through the week.  Wednesday night's Toledo and Western Michigan game delivered.

A wild ending saw Western Michigan overcome a 10-point deficit late in the 4th quarter to win the game.  There was an onside kick and fake spike for a touchdown.  MACtion at its finest.

Western Michigan cut Toledo's 10-point lead to 4 after a touchdown and missed extra point.  That's when the real fun got started.

They perfectly executed an onside kick that was recovered by their punter.

Then this.  A fake spike play for a touchdown with 20 seconds left in the game.  Beautifully setup and beautifully executed.

This is why true College Football fans spend time watching a bunch of guys who are going to go pro in something other than football.  It's MACgic!