World Series Flasher Julia Rose Was Arrested for Changing the Hollywood Sign to “Hollyboob”

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SJ - February 2, 2021

The World Series Flasher is back.  The talented Julia Rose was arrested on Monday for changing the Hollywood sign to "Hollyboob" for breast cancer awareness.

She later posted a video of herself being arrested on TikTok for the stunt.

@itsjulia_rosethat one time I changed the Hollywood sign to HOLLYBOOB.....##fyp

♬ original sound - Julia Rose

Rose has been forced to move her content to TikTok after Instagram deleted her account for repeatedly testing the limits of their acceptable content guidelines.

As you can see Rose doesn't need Instagram to get a ton of attention.  She'll just take a hike up to the Hollywood sign and brilliantly turn it into a Hollyboob sign.


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