Yankees Pitcher Masahiro Tanaka Took a Giancarlo Stanton Line Drive to the Head

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SJ - July 4, 2020

You don't want to take too many of those...

The Yankees were in New York on Saturday getting some work in, ahead of Opening Day at the end of the month, when starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka went down with an unfortunate injury.

The Yankees right-hander was throwing a simulated game when he took a line drive off of the bat of Giancarlo Stanton to the side of the head.

The missile hit Tanaka in the right side of his head and knocked him down where he stayed for about 5 minutes.

Tanaka was eventually able to make it to his feet and walk off the field with some assistance from the training staff.  That would appear to be a good sign.

Hopefully Tanaka didn't suffer any serious injuries from the line drive.  He's definitely going to have a bit of a headache after a line drive like that to the head, but let's hope there's no brain or skull injury.

As far as Stanton is concerned he can't stop giving Yankees fans reasons to hate him.  Between the strikeouts, the injuries and now this, it might be easier for him to request a trade.

He's got a serious uphill battle if he ever wants to earn his pinstripes.


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