A Powerlifter Blows Out Both Knees Attempting to Squat Almost 900 Pounds

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SJ - August 12, 2020

Russian powerlifter Alexander Sedykh suffered one of the worst powerlifting injuries of all-time.  During an 880 pound lift at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation European championships he fractured both of his knees.

Sedykh lifts the incredible amount of weight off the bar and backs up a couple of steps to perform the insane lift.  As he squats down both of his knees give out and he drops the weight in immediate pain.

The powerlifter was taken to the hospital to have his knees put back together.  He'll be unable to move for two months before learning how to walk again.

From Sport24:

“The forecasts are as follows - lie down for two months, do not move your legs. Then he learns to walk again, well, to recover, - said Alexander himself. "The quads were double stitched, the knees were reassembled."

Holy shit is that hard to watch.  Knowing that he'll have to learn how to walk again just adds to the misery.  Let this be a lesson to everyone, that red tape or whatever it is around his knees didn't do a damn thing to keep his legs supported.