Aaron Rodgers is Rumored to Be Hanging Out on the Set of Shailene Woodley’s Latest Movie Misanthrope

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SJ - February 15, 2021

Aaron Rodgers surprised a lot of people when he announced that he was engaged.  The announcement came not long after his rumored relationship with actress Shailene Woodley was confirmed.

Woodley is currently in Montreal filming her latest movie Misanthrope.  She was spotted over the weekend for the first time since the engagement news.

Rumors also surfaced over the weekend that the Packers quarterback has been hanging out on the set of Misanthrope in Montreal.

These rumors come after Shailene was rumored to be spotted around Green Bay this season.  No pictures ever surfaced, but one keen internet investigator pieced together Shailene doing interviews in Rodgers' clothing back in October.

Same hat and same Butte Strong sweatshirt...

I'm sure if Rodgers shows his face around Montreal we'll eventually catch a glimpse of him.

Although wearing face masks makes it much easier to hideout these days.  No pictures of Shailene in Green Bay ever made the rounds.


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