Arianny Celeste in Lingerie by the Christmas Tree

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SJ - December 28, 2020

Arianny Celeste slipped into some lingerie, put on a Santa hat and got next to the Christmas tree for a photo shoot for her website.  A little last minute, after Christmas gift, to make up for the presents Santa forgot to bring.

This is one of several reasons to love Arianny.  She goes all out for everything she does.  This is just a sneak peek at a photo shoot and it still has plenty of heat to go with it.

It's why she's one of the best at what she does.  You don't rise to the level Arianny has by not knowing how to market.  She's taken full advantage of her Octagon Girl success.

Not to mention Arianny in lingerie is an awesome consolation prize for the gifts Santa forgot to bring.