Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Interviewed President Trump and Not Everyone at Barstool is Happy About It

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SJ - July 24, 2020

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy interviewed President Trump at the White House on Thursday.  The pictures from the interview started to make the rounds late last night and not everyone at Barstool is happy about the interview.

One of the biggest stars at Barstool, Dan "Big Cat" Katz, who wasn't even told about the interview, spoke out against the interview during his radio show on Barstool Radio.  He didn't like the fact that Barstool was being used by a struggling Trump during an election year.

Katz also made it clear he wasn't happy that he wasn't made aware of the interview ahead of time.  He conceded that the opportunity to interview the President might have been too much to pass up, but felt disrespected that he had to find out about it on Twitter.

Katz second guessing his role at Barstool is a terrible thing for the growing media empire.  He's a huge part of their success and could easily go elsewhere and be successful.


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