Love & Hip Hop’s Moniece Slaughter Reveals That Shaq Told Her to Kill Herself

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SJ - December 16, 2020

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Moniece Slaughter has been talking a lot about her relationship with Shaquille O’Neal.  She recently revealed to the Domenick Nati Show that he told her to kill herself.

Moniece brought the receipts too and showed them on camera.  She also did the small dick hand gesture while talking about how the NBA legend isn't the fun loving guy we all think he is.

Be careful out there kids.  Who you hookup with could come back to bite you one day, especially if you tell them to kill themselves.

I don't put a lot of stock into the small dick hand gesture.  That's a low blow that often gets pulled out after the fact.

If it's so small then why did you go back for more?  It sounds a lot like a salty ex trying to throw shade.