Bill O’Brien Becomes the First NFL Head Coach to Be Shown the Door

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SJ - October 5, 2020

The Houston Texans are the first team to show their head coach the door.  On Monday they fired Bill O'Brien, who was also their general manager.

The Texans are 0-4 after losing to the Vikings on Sunday.  The loss to Minnesota was their worst of the season and a game they should have won.

Earlier in the day O'Brien didn't seem to be concerned about his future with the team.  It turns out he should have been.

I'm a huge fan of firing head coaches after they lose a game their supposed to win.  The first three games were about as brutal as an NFL schedule can get, but you can't go 0-4 and lose a winnable game.

O'Brien made a ton of questionable moves and the 0-4 start was the cherry on top.  It's a sad day for butt chins.


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