Chad Johnson Left a $123 Tip for the Amount of Yards He Would Have Against Darius Slay

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SJ - July 11, 2020

Former NFL star Chad Johnson is known to be very generous with his money.  He's also known to be an elite trash talker.

He combined both of those talents while leaving a tip recently.  Johnson left a $123 tip and a message talking trash to Lions corner Darius Slay.

If you don't love both of these things from Johnson then you're taking life way too seriously.  I'm always going to be a little confused as to how he has money to throw around, but I'm not going to hate on him for doing so.

The recipients of his generosity don't seem to mind.

As far as the trash talk, Johnson might have put up those numbers on Slay back in the day.  There's no way he could still do it, but I'd watch the shit out of him trying to.