Chargers QB Justin Herbert is Not Dating Monster Energy Girl Rylee Jean Kirk

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SJ - November 28, 2020

Rumors that Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was dating Monster Energy Girl Rylee Jean Kirk started to make the rounds on Friday.  Thanks in part to this tweet.

After it started to pickup steam she was asked to confirm the rumor.

She didn't, but a simple Google search confirmed that she isn't dating the Chargers quarterback...

The rumors seemed to have started back in October when Herbert and Kirk were linked due to the fact that they follow each other on Instagram.  Here's one of the sites that ran with the story.

Rylee appeared to address the rumors on Twitter shortly after they made the rounds.  Notice who retweeted her tweet.

That's Supercross rider Austin Forkner.  Oh and they follow each other on Instagram too.

Kirk and Forkner have been together for awhile now and can be seen together in 2019 here.  The couple also got in on the Flip The Switch Challenge.

In the video you can see a huge rock that belongs to Rylee.  The ring makes an appearance in some of her Instagram pictures as well.  That's because the two are engaged.

The smoking hot Monster Energy Girl dating a Supercross competitor isn't as sexy of a story as if she was dating a hot shot NFL rookie quarterback, but it is what's going down.  Congrats to Austin.