Jay Cutler Isn’t Buying the Election Results

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SJ - November 7, 2020

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, who came out as a Trump supporter a few days before the election, isn't buying the election results.  On Saturday morning as Joe Biden was being named the projected winner, he posted a picture of how the vote count changed in Biden's favor.

Cutler captioned the post "Seems pretty legit."  He obviously thinks, as many of Trump's supporters do, that some cheating occurred that led to the late jump for Biden.


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Seems pretty legit.

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2020 has been wild as shit.  If anyone thought that this election was going to be a smooth one they were out of their damn mind.

Here's a stat for you.  Joe Biden received more votes than anyone in history.  Donald Trump received the second most ever.  That's bananas.