Colby Covington Dominated Tyron Woodley, Called Out LeBron and Received a Congratulatory Phone Call From Trump

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SJ - September 20, 2020

Colby Covington dominated Tyron Woodley on Saturday night at UFC Vegas 11.  The fight was finally stopped in the fifth-round of the main event when Woodley suffered an injury to his ribs and could no longer fight.

After the fight Covington, who is an outspoken Trump supporter, called out woke athletes including LeBron James.  He said the Lakers star was spineless during his rant about woke athletes.

During a separate post-fight interview Covington received a congratulatory phone call from President Trump.  A call that he put on speakerphone.

What is more bizarre?  The President calling an MMA fighter after his fight to congratulate him?  Or an MMA fighter going full fangirl over the President's call?