DeAndre Hopkins Tells His Side of the Trump Caravan Incident

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SJ - October 27, 2020

Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins had an encounter with a pro-Trump caravan on Sunday as he made his way to play on Sunday Night Football.

While the star receiver does deny recklessly driving through the caravan, as he was accused of doing, Hopkins didn't deny giving them the finger.

Hopkins says he was going to throw up a peace sign but his finger was hurting and only the middle one made it up.

From AZ Central:

"Driving on the highway, I guess I got in between a train or a bunch of cars that I wasn't supposed to be in between in my car," Hopkins said Tuesday on the All Things Covered podcast with teammate Patrick Peterson and former NFL player Bryant McFadden. "They was honking the horn at me and stuff like that, I guess to tell me to get out of their way. I didn't, and the guy in front of me stepped on his brakes and tried to stop there in traffic and I got around him and a stuck him a birdie.

"I was really about to do the peace sign to him, but my index finger, this finger right here was kind of hurting so it ain't make it up in time."

Of course Hopkins' version of events differs from those in the Trump caravan.  Would you expect anything else?

The truth of what went down likely lies somewhere in between.  No matter what side you side with you have to respect Hopkins' excuse for why he gave them a little birdie.


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