Eagles Fans Jump a Ravens Fan in the Stands During the First Game Fans Are Allowed to Attend

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SJ - October 19, 2020

Life is slowly getting back to normal after months of lockdowns.  Fans attended an Eagles home game on Sunday for the first time this season and wasted no time getting back to business as usual.

What is business as usual in Philadelphia?  Settling things with your fists.

A one-on-one fight between an Eagles fan and a Ravens fan quickly turned into two Eagles fans kicking the shit out of the lone Ravens fan.  Would you expect anything less in Philly?

As for the on the field action, the Eagles put up a fight but ended up on the losing end (again) 30-28.  This is just the beginning of things to come in Philadelphia this season.

If they keep losing the fists are going to keep flying.  Especially if you attend a game and root for the other team.  You're just asking to have two losers punch you in the face.


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