Fan at Patriots-Chiefs Game Kicked Out for Wearing Roger Goodell Clown T-Shirt

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SJ - October 6, 2020

According to a fan who was in attendance at Monday night's Patriots-Chiefs game, security removed a fan sitting near him for wearing a Roger Goodell clown t-shirt.

The popular t-shirt was created by Barstool Sports in response to deflategate and has been a big part of their feud with the NFL commissioner ever since.

You have to believe there's more to the fan being kicked out than a t-shirt.  This isn't the first time someone's wore the clown shirt or had an item with the clown face on it at a game.

It's possible the shirt stood out more with only a few thousand fans in attendance.  It also makes for a better headline and makes Goodell look like a jackass to say the fan was kicked out for the t-shirt.

I'm all for making Goodell look like a jackass.


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