Golden Tate’s Wife Elise Throws Shade at the Giants

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SJ - November 3, 2020

There are a lot of unhappy wives throwing shade around because their husbands are on terrible teams.  Golden Tate's wife Elise is the latest to do so.

Mrs. Tate throws shade at the one win Giants over their use of the veteran wide receiver.  She was very unhappy with how "underutilized" he was in the two point loss.

As people do nowadays Elise took to her Instagram story to vent.

Tate finished the game, the Giants' 7th loss, with two catches for 31 yards and a touchdown.  It's been a really quiet year for Tate.

Too quiet if you ask his wife.  She's definitely had enough of the Giants and their terrible offense.

Unfortunately Tate has nobody to blame but himself.  He signed with the Giants as a free agent with very little sign that they were going to be good anytime soon.

(h/t Total Pro Sports)