Don’t Ask Walker Buehler About His Tight Pants, Especially After a Dodgers Loss

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SJ - October 13, 2020

Dodgers right-hander Walker Buehler went five innings, allowed one run on three hits, while striking out seven.  The talk during his NLCS Game 1 appearance wasn't about his performance, it was instead about how tight his pants were.

The Dodgers bullpen would eventually blow the game by allowing four Braves runs in the 9th inning.  The fact that the Dodgers lost the game didn't keep a reporter from asking Buehler about his tight pants.

Buehler wasn't having it.  It's a stupid ass question, but something tells me had the Dodgers won the game it's a question he would have happily answered.

As it is the Dodgers lost and Buehler stormed out of the interview as quickly as he could in his nut huggers.


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