Golfer’s Epic Fart Caught on a Hot Mic and Blamed on Another Golfer

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SJ - June 29, 2020

During the final round of the Travelers Championship on Sunday an epic fart was caught on a hot mic.  Unfortunately for Greg Chalmers the fart took place right after he teed off and he ended up being blamed for it.

It turned out the culprit was actually Ian Poulter, who was teamed up with Chalmers.  The two later had a very entertaining exchange on Twitter, it wasn't quite as entertaining as the fart itself, but it was great to have what some consider sports.

This is one of those unscripted moments you just don't get without live sports and hot mics.  I need flashers and hot mics with my sports.  We're still months away from flashers and streakers, but a hot mic fart can go a long way when the other two things aren't available.