Greg Norman Talks About the Viral Photo of His Unit

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SJ - January 27, 2021

A picture of retired golfer Greg Norman taking a walk on the beach went viral back in November.  The reason it went viral was the large bulge in his swimsuit.

Norman finally addressed the attention the picture received.  While doing so he also admitted reading the comment section was a lot of fun.

From The Sun:

He said: "I was just out walking my dog and it is what it is.

"I think some of the comments were hilarious, and I don’t normally read the comments, so it was quite a bit of fun."

What a guy with a big dick response.  It's really the only response you can have when it was on full display all over the internet.

Who is going to say, "you know, it really isn't that big."  Even if he did nobody would buy it.  We have photographic evidence to the contrary.


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