Instagram Model Chloe Cluchey Shows Love to the Lakers and Kobe Bryant

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SJ - October 2, 2020

Instagram model Chloe Cluchey showed some love to the Lakers following their Game 1 win over the Heat on Wednesday night.  She did so with a Kobe Bryant t-shirt and purple and gold hearts in her caption.

The former West Virginia gymnast certainly knows how to get attention on Instagram.  It's not always about showing skin.  Sometimes a simple "baby face" shot in a Kobe shirt gets the job done.


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Don't get me wrong, not everyone is going to have the skill Chloe has to pull off a simple t-shirt shot.  It's really not as easy as it looks.

When you're game reaches a certain level you can pull it off.  Chloe's game has obviously reached that level.


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