J.J. Watt is Seriously Considering Signing With the Browns

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SJ - February 16, 2021

J.J. Watt is a free agent after he asked the Texans to release him last week.  His options are wide open and he wants to play for a Super Bowl contender.

Several teams have been mentioned as potential landing spots, including the Cleveland Browns.  Watt is said to be "seriously considering" the former laughing stock of the league.


Released by the Texans on Friday, Watt is seriously considering the Browns as one of his options because they have a lot of what he wants, sources tell

The two biggest things? Money and a potential Super Bowl. What’s more, they have a strong supporting cast and a positive environment. Check, check, check, and check.

With his wife in Chicago it's almost certain that Watt will want to end up on a team in the Midwest.  Cleveland is no longer a dumpster fire so it's an intriguing landing spot for an aging star chasing a ring.


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