Jake Paul FaceTimed Dillon Danis’ Instagram Model Girlfriend Savannah Montano

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SJ - December 17, 2020

Jake Paul is still on his bullshit.  The YouTube star stepped up his taunting of Dillon Danis by FaceTiming his Instagram model girlfriend Savannah Montano.


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This comes after he called out Conor McGregor, insulted his fiancee and attacked Danis.  Paul also followed both McGregor’s fiancee and Danis' girlfriend on Instagram.

Have you ever seen a guy try harder to get his skull caved in?

I know Paul is bigger than McGregor and Danis, but these are professional fighters.  There's no way they wouldn't kick his ass in the ring.

Taunting them is going to end with him catching hands outside of the ring.

After being FaceTimed by Paul, Danis' girlfriend addressed the situation.  She also drops some incredible knowledge on everyone at the end of the video.


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Adding that she has really big boobs and they're out all the time is an all-time move by Savannah.  It's by far the most important information that has come out during this whole back and forth between Paul and Danis.


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