Jake Paul Isn’t Banging His Girlfriend Julia Rose Prior to Boxing Nate Robinson

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SJ - November 25, 2020

Jake Paul is boxing former NBA player Nate Robinson on the undercard on the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones fight on Saturday.  The YouTuber-turned-boxer doesn't want to enter the ring with weak knees.

In order to avoid the weak knees, Paul isn't banging his World Series Flasher girlfriend Julia Rose.  A fact that she isn't all that happy about.

From TMZ Sports:

So ... how is Jake's lady taking it??

"She's pissed, man," Jake tells TMZ Sports. "She hates me. She just looks at me like, 'I f**king hate you, bro. Why can't we do this right now?!'"

Hopefully it works out for Jake.  You would hate to go without banging your smoking hot girlfriend and then end up losing to a former NBA player.