Julia Rose Shoots Her Shot Topless

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SJ - July 13, 2020

Julia Rose will forever be known as one of the World Series Flashers, but she doesn't just flash her breasts at baseball games.  She flashes her breasts everywhere and during all kinds of activities.

On Monday afternoon Rose dropped a topless picture on Instagram that probably won't last very long.

The picture she captioned, "shoot your shot" features what appears to be her nipple and we all know this is a big no-no when it comes to the gram.  Check out the unedited version here while it lasts.

Don't call Julia a one trick pony.  Finding new ways to get topless isn't an easy thing to do and her heroic efforts should be applauded.

Julia also deserves a lot of credit for her continued refusal to play by the rules.  She's a habitual line stepper and as you can see that can be a very good thing in certain circumstances.


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