Justin Tucker isn’t Immune to the Announcer Jinx

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SJ - December 9, 2020

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker might be one of the most accurate kickers in the history of the NFL, but he's only a man.  A man who isn't immune to the dreaded announcer curse.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman went into great detail about how great Tucker was prior to a 36-yard attempt.  They even brought up that he had made 70 straight kicks from inside 40 yards.

You can't do that.  After the miss Buck tried to pretend as if he played no role in the missed kick.  It was a sad and disgusting attempt to minimize the announcer jinx.

The person who deserves the least amount of blame for the missed kick is Tucker.  This is almost 100 percent on Buck with Aikman deserving a small amount of blame for following Buck's lead.